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Utility Ape Holders

Benefits for
holding a GEN 2?

Giving back to our holders

  • UA Token

    We're currently developing our token; 20% of revenue from everything we create will go towards burning/creating an LP for the token. Aiming for Q1 of 2023.

  • Automated trading

    We're currently building an auto trader capable of trading automagically for you with an estimated 80% win rate on trades; 20% of profits will go towards the UA token.

  • Coin Flip

    A Coin Flip program more powerful than most competitors in the space, both via website AND a unique Discord based coin flip bot. 20% of the fees will go towards the UA token.

  • Advisory & Launchpad opportunities

    We'll be offering launchpad services to other projects; 20% of what we raise will go back to the UA token. This includes art, community building, marketing help, and development work.

  • Engage-to-earn bot services

    The backbone of UA with 25% of revenue from these bots going back to support the UA token.

  • Additional development

    We're working on further developments that will continue to add value to the UA token and provide additional utility for our holders.

  • 1:1 Honorary Art

    All Honorary art will be auctioned, 20% of those funds will be added to the UA Token.


Gen 1
Gen 2
Pixel UA
Honorary 1:1
Utility Ape Tools
Anonymous Voting
Holder Discount Shop
Hold 5x Passive
Token Staking
Engage to Earn
Common - 100%
Uncommon - 100%
Rare - 110%
Elite - 110%
Common - 120%
Uncommon - 120%
Rare - 130%
Elite - 130%
Client Discount
(burn required for discount to apply)
6% all rarity
10% common
15% uncommon
25% rare
35% elite
Common - 12 days
Uncommon - 9 days
Rare - 6 days
Elite - 4 days
Legendary - 3 days
DAO Access
Full access
Full access
Full access
No alpha
Missions Loot Box
Coming soon!
Coming soon!
Coming soon!
Coming soon!


We are constantly working on improvements and additional features. We have a ton planned for the development of UA, and we expect continued client growth month over month.

  • 2022

    3rd Quarter

    • > Launch Website

    • > Publish GEN1 NFT Artwork

    • > Complete Engagement bot beta

    • > NFT Tools beta

    • > Security bot beta

  • 2022

    4th Quarter

    • > GEN1 NFT Mint

    • > GEN2 NFT Artwork

    • > Engagement, Security, and NFT bot/tools enhancements

    • > Discord Raffle System

    • > Client outreach

    • > Promotional pricing for first 150 clients


  • 2023

    1st Quarter

    • > NFT Trading bot with buy/sell rules

    • > Staking within discord

    • > Twitch/YT/TG integration

    • > Whitelist bot

    • > Whitelabel Casino games

    • > Contract deployment

    • > Staking features

  • 2023

    2nd Quarter

    • > Solana Pay integration

    • > NFT sniper tools and NFT trackers

    • > Language translator

    • > Staff 2FA auditing

    • > 2FA Channel Access

    • > Message Copy Bot

    • > GUI Dashboard integrating all bot features

  • 2023

    3rd Quarter

    • > Improvements and additions to all existing bots

    • > Client outreach pushing to 1000 clients

    • > NFT portfolio checker

    • > P&L Calc in NFT Tools

  • 2023

    4th Quarter

    • > Update Pitch Deck

    • > Update website

    • > Extend client outreach with more trusted staff Passive income via trading bot for holders


About the UA team

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    Crypto-native CEO and entrepreneur since 2015 with experience in over 20 successful project launches leading teams of 150+ and managing communities of over 1 million active followers

  • avatar


    COO with 15 years of experience in operation and analytics for tier-1 consulting firms, raised over 10m in funds, advisor to multiple successful Web2 and Web3 technology start-ups with successful exits.

  • avatar


    CTO, 10 years' experience in development and cyber-security, founder of BotsOnDisplay, lead developer of Utility APE bots.

  • avatar


    Head of Design, with over 14 years of experience in the entertainment industry, working on projects for Disney, Sesame Street, Tiesto and Deadmau5.

  • avatar


    15 years of experience as product owner and project manager in financial software, crypto investment and game-fi products with expertise in managing large, remote delivery teams.

Utility Ape NFT



  • gen1_common.png

    Gen 1 Common

  • gen1_uncommon.png

    Gen 1 Uncommon

  • gen1_rare.png

    Gen 1 Rare

  • gen1_elite.png

    Gen 1 Elite

  • gen2_common.png

    Gen 2 Common

  • gen2_uncommon.png

    Gen 2 Uncommon

  • gen2_rare.png

    Gen 2 Rare

  • gen2_elite.png

    Gen 2 Elite

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answered all frequently asked questions, Still confused? feel free to ask in our Discord Server.

How many GEN 2 apes is there total?

3000 if everyone mutates.

What will happen to the GEN 1 apes that are not mutated?

They'll have the opportunity to take a different path in the future.

When is the token release set to be?

Details still being finalized, likely Q1 2023.

Are there benefits to holding all 3 apes?

We're working on developing features for those who hold all 3.

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